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Female Alpaca Colour DOB Price ($) Details?
Hevnlee Bright Melody SMBR 05-Dec-06 660 + transfer fee
Mawbanna Ella SBLK 24-Apr-09 1,100 + transfer fee
Mawbanna Mae SLF 17-Feb-03 1,100 + transfer fee
Namwen Czarina W 10-Dec-07
Pinjarra Ysami SDF 12-Mar-06 880 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Akoya W 04-Oct-03
Stevley Park Bailey SDF 14-Dec-04
Stevley Park Brontee SW 07-May-04 1,100 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Flower SW 23-Jun-08 1,100 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Gardenia SW 22-Oct-09 1,100 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Hayla + Kayla SLF 20-Jan-00 2,200 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Haze In The Mist + F cria SMG 11-Sep-10 3,300 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Heidi + F cria SW 06-Apr-10 1,100 + transfer fee
Stevley Park Jaffa - Appaloosa W 07-Jan-12 POA
Stevley Park Jazzmyn - Appaloosa W 20-Feb-12 POA
Stevley Park Jellybean SMBR 11-Nov-12
Stevley Park Julliette SLBR 20-Mar-12
Tambo Downs Countess SW 03-Dec-03 1,100 + transfer fee
Twilight Park Silver + 2 cria SMG 18-Feb-06

All prices in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

If you have not found what you are looking for, please contact us, we have other animals for sale.

Whether you are looking for your first alpaca or searching for the missing animal needed to enhance your existing herd, we can help you with a wide range of colors and blood lines to choose from.

Packages available to suit your needs and budget.

A live cria guarantee is offered by us for every pregnant female sold. Empty females or maidens have a fertility guarantee.