Account Trolley
Markfi Gates

Phone (03) 5942 6267
Bald Hill Road, Pakenham
Gates, Gate Extenders, Feeders, Alpaca Pen Systems

Propharma Australia

Dr Geoff Irish
Nutritionist and Technical Sales Manager
Phone 03 9794 7166
Mobile 0428 588 061
Email sales
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Weather Shield
Loose Lick Mineral Supplement for Alpacas.
Two mixes available, one for management of Staggers and one without.

Farmers Mail Box  
Earth Palette Dyes

Phone (08) 8662 2110
Cold, colour fast, easy to use dyes. Excellent for Alpaca fibre.

Pakenham Produce

Suppliers of all your alpaca feed, suppliments and drenching requirements.

Bureau of Meteorology  
Australian Camelid Veterinarian Association  
Alpaca Dental Services

Allison Quagliani
Phone: (03) 5942 7316
Mobile: 0427 654 330
Here at Stevley Park, we feel Dentistry is an important part of animal husbandry. Allison visits annually and all our alpacas have their teeth checked and maintained were necessary. Allison is very thorough and extremely good with the alpacas. We highly recommend her work to other alpaca owners.

Fibre Naturally

Gayle Herring, Macclesfield (Vic)
Ph: (03) 5968-5614
Mobile: 0407 729 227
Gayle owns and operates a Speciality Fibre Mill - Processing individual alpaca fleeces or entire clips into quality luxurious yarn... We are extremely happy with the product Gayle has produced for us from our own alpacas.

The Australian Alpaca Association  
AAA Victorian Eastern Region