Account Trolley
Name Colour DOB Stud fee ($)  
Canchones Castano Massimo SMBR 14-Feb-15 550 incl GST
Canchones Misguided SBLK 07-Mar-14 550 incl GST
Kankinya Ridge Chocolate Biscuit SMBR 28-Dec-07 550 incl GST
Stevley Park Jake RG 24-Feb-12 550 incl GST
Stevley Park McGyver SMBR 22-Dec-14 550 incl GST
Surilana Mendelssohn SLF 11-Apr-10 770 inc GST
Suriuki Sorcery SLBR 09-Apr-14 550 incl GST

All mating fees in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.