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Alpaca Handling Crush

Stevley Park Alpacas have developed an Alpaca Handling Crush.  The Belly Loop design prevents animals from sitting when performing husbandry.   ie  toe nail trimming.

Manufactured in partnership with Markfi Gates.
Designed and manufactured in Australia

Local pick up from Stevley Park - Pakenham (assembled)
Stevley Park   0417 506 855 

Flat Pack freighted from Markfi Gates - Pakenham
Markfi Gates   03 5940 3004 
Flat pack comes with 'easy to assemble' instructions

Contact either for current prices and delivery

Installation options are:                                     Prices as at 1 August 2023
*  Bolted to a concrete or solid wooden floor   -   $795 incl gst  NOT freight
*  Pinned to a dirt floor with stabilizer bar       -   $838 incl gst  NOT freight

The crush includes 2 swing arms.    Race Arm  and  Under Belly Loop Arm
*   Guide your alpaca into the crush using the Race Arm
*   Secure the neck strap on one side
*   Swing in the Under Belly Loop Arm, secure the chain across,
        at the back of the alpaca
*   Swing the Race Arm away from the alpaca leaving the Under Belly Arm in place
        giving easy access to the alpaca for your husbandry duties

Useful for :
  toe nail trimming
  treating foot issues
  fecal sampling
  rectal ultrasounds
  standing castrations
  general husbandry

Race Swing Arm
Race Swing Arm and Belly Loop Arm in place
Race Swing Arm- swung aside Belly Loop Arm in place
Easy Access toe nail trimming